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Hinterlife Glossary


My students love jargon and acronyms. They rapidly learn from their teachers that jargon helps them to compete, obfuscate, and on rare occasions to explain. (Professor Horace, YouTube Video #4, 2010).


Hinterlife University employs the 'obstructivist' approach popular in modern education. The Hinterlife videos feature various obstructivist terms and acronyms, reflecting the distinctive philosophies of HU's academic staff, Professor Horace. Here are some key concepts.


Obstructivism Uses of jargon and other argumentation to compete and obfuscate
Constructivism The philosophy that students learn better by constructing their own learning experience; the converse of obstructivism, though with similarly inconsistent academic outcomes
Learner-centered learning (LCL) An objective of constructivist methods
Learner-centered learning centers Places where students go to construct their learning
Teacher-centered teaching (TCT) A self-centered teaching approach overlooking the role of students
Online learning (E/open/distance learning, etc.) An educational approach overlooking the role of teachers
Teacher-centered learning (TCL) A natural corollary of LCL and TCT, rarely discussed in the educational literature
Power of belief A philosophy taught to students, athletes, etc., whereby if you believe you will succeed, you will
Power of retroactive belief A philosophy taught to students, athletes, etc., whereby you believe you succeeded even though you lost
Learner-centered teaching (LCT) Whereby teachers have the learners' interests at heart; also neglected in educational parlance, possibly owing to its rarity
Student-centered studying (SCS) A concept developed by Hinterlife U students; likely to sustain discussion of LCL for another few years owing to its apparent novelty
Surrogate-based learning (SBL) Uses of stand-ins to do the learner's work; easily achieved in online learning.