Horace aged 25

Video Showcase


Welcome to Hinterlife's video showcase.  This page provides one-stop access to all of Prof. Horace's videos. Right-click on a video below to watch it on YouTube - or view the whole playlist (23:12 mins)


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Episode 1: Horace in Hinterlife


Lovable cartoon Prof. Horace provides a tour of Hinterlife - the virtual world "with a membership of one!" He discusses its exciting educational vision, junk e-mail, vatted whiskey, and current e-learning trends. (6:00 mins.)


Episode 2: Horace on the Olympics


Prof. Horace and a Hinterlife U student plan for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. They discuss the banning of women from the ski-jumping event, Canada's Own the Podium campaign, and McDonalds' Games sponsorship. (2:17 mins.)


Episode 3: Tough Talk with Ned Ludd


Prof. Horace discusses online education with 19th-century social activist Ned Ludd, who changes his negative attitudes to technology when he learns that only the very best software is used in modern e-learning. (3:00 mins.)


Episode 4: Higher Education


The students ask Prof. Horace for a learning-centered learning center. He gives them space on a Hinterlife University rooftop. To help him assess the Center's value, Horace probes the students about the concepts they have developed there. (2:30 mins.)


Episode 5: Junk Email on the Rise


Horace's secretary reports to him on his latest incoming junk email. The Prof is excited to hear that he has won the UK lottery. The news stimulates ideas for uses of the credit card numbers obtained by Hinterlife U's junk email fund-raising campaign. (2:10 mins.)


Episode 6: Return from the Olympics


The Professor welcomes Hinterlife University's slalom tennis athlete back from the Vancouver Winter Olympics. They discuss the success of Canada's Own the Podium campaign, and the relationship between winning medals and being sponsored by McDonalds. (4:00 mins.)


Episode 7: Tough Talk in New Delhi


The health and safety crises of the 2010 Commonwealth Games are discussed. The Medical Quality Controller of the Delhi Games assures Prof. Horace that Indian athletes are immune to the risks of dysentery and dengue fever and will do well in their events. (3:15 mins.)



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